Picture Puzzles

Slide Puzzle

Exercise your brain by solving a variety of Slide Puzzles with Photos, Numbers, Letters, Colors and Shapes.

Photo Puzzle

A fun picture jigsaw puzzle with pieces shaped like tetris blocks. Use any photo from your phone or the web.

Brain Games

iMarble Marble Solitaire

Eight popular Marble/Peg Solitaire boards from across the world. All puzzles come with solutions.

Block Puzzle

A simple but challenging jigsaw puzzle game where the jigsaw pieces are tetris-like coloured blocks.

Block Puzzle amongst Top Quarantine Puzzles on GamesKeys!

2048 Puzzle

The most addictive puzzle of the year! All you need to do is grow the blocks by merging smaller blocks.

Educational Games

Jumble Word Puzzle

Android's most popular Jumble game with 8000+ high quality word anagrams. Improve your vocabulary.

USA Map Puzzle

An entertaining and educational map puzzle of United States of America. Arrange the US states.

India Map Puzzle

Arrange the 29 Indian States on the outline map of India. Educational and entertaining.

Africa Map Puzzle

Arrange the countries of Africa correctly on the map. Educational and entertaining jigsaw.

What our users say...
Nothing beats the good old-fashioned newspaper, but this is a more than worthy attempt at recreating the look and feel of classic Jumble puzzles.
Great Memories! I had a plastic one with pegs. This brings back childhood memories. Great game, smooth play. Thanks guys.
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