Tools & Utilities

Shop Calc: Shopping Calculator

A simple Shopping Calculator to take along for your supermarket visits. It helps you budget and save money.

Tiny Notepad

The tiniest Notepad for Android. Just 63kb! Small in size, but big on functionality.

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Habit Calendar

A quick & easy recurring activity log and habit streak calendar with reporting.

Digital Clock

A simple and straightforward ad-free desk clock you can keep beside your bed or in your office.

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Health & Fitness

iBlue Bluelight Filter

Save your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by mobile screens and get good sleep with Android's tiniest blue light filter app.

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OM Meditation Tool

Uplift your soul to the soothing sounds of Buddhist and Hindu Vedic Mantras. An easy to use Meditation Timer.

Chakra Meditation Tool

Heal your body and revitalise your mind with the all-in-one Chakra & Solfeggio Meditation Tool.

Stress Buster

Blow away your stress with an endless bubble wrap. Also draw cute pictures by popping water bubbles!

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Puja: Virtual Hindu Temple

Carry your puja room or favourite temple in your pocket!

What our users say...
Very pleased! Fantastic app because when i go shopping i am short of money i have to leave it, But with this calculator i will be able to keep control of my budget,I very seriously recommend it
One of the most useful apps on my phone..ever! All around good stuff. Simple and straightforward! Great information and good sound quality on the chants :)
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