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Silent meditation is a basic meditation technique where you meditate without any sounds (japas). The focus is usually on one's breathing in and breathing out. This method is useful if you do not want to disturb others around you.

You can also use this mode to chant any mantra that is not part of the app. This way you can maintain count of mantras or use other features such as periodic bells even for mantras that are not included in the app.

The silent method is not recommened for beginners. It requires advanced concentration skills and this takes considerable experience to develop. It is also important to maintain a quiet environment for the silent meditation.

The breathing method is similar to the one described under this app's help. However, instead of matching your breathing to the chants, first determine the time length of your breathe in, breathe out process.

Alternatively, if you plan to chant a mantra not part of the app, just note the length of your chant in milliseconds (1 sec = 1000 msecs).

The silent track provided is of 1 second length. Go to Settings and set the PAUSE BETWEEN CHANTS to the remaining period of your breathing routine. For example, if you need 7 seconds to breathe in, hold and then breathe out, set the PAUSE BETWEEN CHANTS to 6000 msecs (6 seconds).

This method requires lot of patience to master. Start off with smaller periods and slowly build up the amount of time you meditate. Consistency is the key to success.

Use the chant counter to monitor your progress. Please note that the the elapsed time does not include the pause time. The total pause time, if required, can be obtained by multiplying the chant count with the PAUSE value that you have set.

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